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Public Sale — TBC @ 0.08 ETH

Second Nature Toys are a bunch of cheeky but genuine characters inspired by ordinary human beings among us. Due to their sincerity, they tend to solve problems instinctively. Hence, they quickly fall into ridiculous situations where they cannot help themselves to get out off. Their innocent characteristics simply make them so adorable and irresistible. As a creature, they only care about food and mating. Some people think they are cute and creative, others might find these characters disturbingly hilarious.

“Let’s make love, not war” is one of the second nature toys belief toward a better future. We wish to present you with a fun & intuitive world that you have never seen before. Our community will enjoy our member-exclusive comic & gallery. Meanwhile, we will develop the pitch bible for an animated sitcom in future. To give you some hints, think about Sex & the City in the South Park setting.

Some of the comics extracted from our Twitter, sharing our love of storytelling and mini-story of each character. Longer format comic will be post bi-weekly once we successfully sell our NFT.

Traits in numbers

Prototype 10
Body 16
Headgear 16
Eyes 24
Bodygear 16
Wearable 30
Background 16

Second Nature Toys are a collection of 10,000 unique character variations developed from 10 different character prototypes.

Each Second Nature Toy is comprised of a unique body, outfit, face, colour, tattoo, expression and colourful background to match. Choose the character that best describes you. Whether you are charming, extraordinary, playful, expressive or nerdy, there is definitely one to suit you.



Airdropping special tokens

Special giveaway for all supporters within the first week. For all supporters within the first-week sale, we would like to give away a special token to show our appreciation.


Member exclusive chatroom

Members are invited to our universe. Teaser Artwork of upcoming interactive space release for community members.


Merchant Store gets unlocked!

What better way to rep SNToy than exclusive merchandise. We will give out the first merchant free to all avatar owner.


Co-creation is happening

Members get a chance to be creative & share their love story with us, we will pick some to make it in our comic section from bi-weekly. Eventually it will have hard copy comic printed for contributor.


The most sexy NFT is born!

Nothing can describe our feeling now. We will continue to work harder on Roadmap 2.0 to reward your love!


We try our best to answer the most common question here, just in case we miss anything, just hit us up on our Discord channel.

Why we create such a naughty project?

We believe life should be fun and full of love. We are keen to push the boundary of visual art and storytelling. Eventually we wish the project will evolve to become a prime time animated sitcoms. By that time, our community will reward themselves as angel fund investor of this new IP.

How many toys on sale?

Second Nature Toys have 10,000 characters in total. But, only 9669 of them will be open to mint and sale in the secondary market afterwards. The other 331 will be kept to reward the community and the team. Don’t worry; we won’t keep all the super rare characters ourselves.

How much does it cost? When I can mint it?

Each character will cost 0.08ETH + Gas fees. First batch will come in End of December, the rest will come in January 2022. Ultimately, we want to produce high-quality NFT art that you are proud to own.

What’s the right of owning Second Nature Toys?

You have 100% control of the character you own. You can create a story for the character, make a merchandise off it, or give it an awesome name. Feel free and be creative!

What we have in our merchant store?

Owners of Second Nature Toys will be allowed to buy future merch drops, and we will give away the first merchandise to our NFT owner. You just need to pay the mailing cost. So make sure you hold at least one toy for future token and merchant drops.

What’s the benefit of member exclusive community?

Access to our Second Nature Universe, a token-gated social community alongside inspiring stories & art. We share love & fun stories in comic form, discuss how to better approach your lover in chatroom and showcase new Second Nature Art and comic strip in our universe.

How can we know the progress of development?

We will update you on what we are working on in our bi-weekly town hall session. Eventually we wish it will be more interactive way to communicate as we are keen & open for better ideas to develop this IP together.



Second Nature Toys comes from the quirky mind of Chin. A senior art director with 20 years of experience across the 3D animation, game and design industry. Chin love storytelling and alway passionate about making he own tv series or animation show. This NFT project will be his boldest and most adventurous project ever, as he tries to bring it to life in NFT space.

2D Artist/Animator

Aura is a super talented 2D artist and animator. We met in Dubai and were amazed by her superior skill & independence to complete any challenging task within timeline and budget. Apart from that, she likes to talk like a baby and laugh loudly. She is an awesome artist and handles most of our female character.


There’s a brain trust behind our marketing & biz team. They all come from various industries, either game director from the game company, senior manager from govt & technology sector. We always discuss what could bring the best interest of our Second Nature Community.


Wei is a fresh technical person who master in blockchain and web development technology. We are impress by his can-do spirit and pleasure to have him in our team. Apart from tech, he also know some kung fu, so better don’t mess with him with unreasonable request.